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Arizona foreclosure counseling save your home from foreclosure

Arizona Foreclosure Counseling and Foreclosure Help Group offers foreclosure help and assistance, alternatives to losing your home, free information on how to stop foreclosure in Arizona and negotiate with the lender, how to prevent foreclosure scams and offers alternatives for home owners in Phoenix and throughout Arizona to stop foreclosure.

Arizona foreclosure counseling can help you stop foreclosure in Arizona

Arizona foreclosure help and information

Arizona foreclosure help and informationArticles and information on how to stop the foreclosure process in Arizona.  Topics include background information on foreclosure, how foreclosure works in Arizona, and in-depth explorations on options and alternatives to foreclosure in Arizona.

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What is foreclosure? 
How to negotiate with lenders? 
What are my foreclosure options?

Stop Foreclosure Arizona

Arizona foreclosure laws

Arizona foreclosure lawsThis section details excerpts from Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 33 that outlines the rules, regulations and timelines imposed upon a lender in order to foreclose upon a property in Arizona.

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Excerpts of AZ foreclosure law  
Statutory foreclosure timelines 
Applicable fees and charges

Arizona foreclosure scams and cons

Arizona foreclosure scamsAre you facing foreclosure in Arizona and are afraid of someone taking advantage of your situation?  Learn the common tricks and scams employed by many "good Samaritans" and how to prevent it from happing to you.

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Common foreclosure scams  
How to prevent foreclosure scams 
What to do if confronted

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